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Eosinophilic Lung Diseases

Eosinophilic Lung Diseases

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    Edited by David J. Jackson and Michael E. Wechsler
    A great deal of knowledge about eosinophilic lung diseases has been gained in the last few years, but unanswered questions concerning eosinophil biology still remain. It is in this context that this Monograph was developed. Broad in scope, the book bases its approach to the management of eosinophilic lung diseases on a fundamental understanding of eosinophil biology in health and disease. State-of-the-art reviews written by world-leading authorities and up-and-coming stars in the field take the reader on a journey through the different eosinophilic lung diseases. This Monograph will ensure the practising clinician is better equipped to recognise and treat patients with eosinophilia, as well as appreciate the advances coming in the near future.

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    Contents list
    1. An introduction to eosinophils and their biology
    2. Differential diagnosis of pulmonary eosinophilia
    3. Biomarkers of eosinophilic inflammation
    4. Imaging
    5. Eosinophilic asthma
    6. Eosinophilic COPD
    7. Allergic fungal diseases in the upper and lower airways
    8. Eosinophilic pneumonias
    9. Hypereosinophilic syndromes and lung involvement
    10. Eosinophilic granulomatosis with polyangiitis
    11. Eosinophils and airway nerves in asthma
    12. Respiratory viruses and eosinophilic airway inflammation
    13. Eosinophils as potential mediators of autoimmunity
    14. Safety of eosinophil depletion
    15. Future prospects of translational and clinical eosinophil research

    ISBN: 978-1-84984-142-9

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