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Lung Stem Cells in Development, Health and Disease

Lung Stem Cells in Development, Health and Disease

Product Code: ERM91-MEM-26041
  • This book will be published in 2021 and will be available to pre-order in early 2021.

    Edited by Marko Nikolic and Brigid Hogan

    Contents list (subject to change)

    Progenitor cells in embryonic/foetal lung development
    1. Lung development (human and mouse, including alveolar and airway development)
    2. Neuroendocrine cells in lung development and disease
    3. Vascular and lymphatic cells in lung development

    Adult airway stem cells
    4. Adult mouse and human basal stem cells
    5. Adult mouse intralobar/airway stem cells
    6. Submucosal glands
    7. Human respiratory bronchiole epithelium

    Alveolar stem cells and their niche
    8. Alveolar epithelial stem cells in homeostasis and repair
    9. Alveolar stem cells in lung development and regrowth
    10. Mesenchymal cells, immune cells and the lung stem cell niche
    11. Dynamics of mesenchymal stem cells in the niche
    12. Endothelial cells in the lung

    Non-human and in vitro models for lung stem cell function
    13. Lung organoids
    14. In vivo engraftment assays
    15. iPS cells (airway) for generating lung airway stem cells and modelling respiratory disease
    16. iPS (alveolar) for generating lung alveolar stem cells and modelling respiratory disease
    17. The ferret as a model for lung stem cells in respiratory disease (CF, smoking, asthma)

    Lung stem cells and disease
    18. Lung fibrosis (human and mouse)
    19. Cystic fibrosis/chronic lung disease
    20. COPD
    21. Stem cells and lung cancer
    22. ARDS and MSCs

    Other relevant topics
    23. Single cell atlas (human)
    24. Bioengineering and the lung
    25. Precision-cut lung slices

    ISBN: 978-1-84984-133-7

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