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Lung Stem Cells in Development, Health and Disease

Lung Stem Cells in Development, Health and Disease

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    Edited by Marko Z. Nikolic and Brigid L.M. Hogan
    Most organs in the adult human body are able to maintain themselves and undergo repair after injury; these processes are largely dependent on stem cells. In this Monograph, the Guest Editors bring together leading authors in the field to provide information about the different classes of stem cells present both in the developing and adult lung: where they are found, how they function in homeostasis and pathologic conditions, the mechanisms that regulate their behaviour, and how they may be harnessed for therapeutic purposes. The book focuses on stem cells in the mouse and human lung but also includes the ferret as an increasingly important new model organism. Chapters also discuss how lung tissue, including endogenous stem cells, can be generated in vitro from pluripotent stem cells lines. This state-of-the-art collection comprehensively covers one of the most exciting areas of respiratory science.

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    Contents list 

    Progenitor cells in embryonic/fetal lung development
    1. Lung development 
    2. Alveolar stem cells in lung development and regrowth
    3. Lung blood and lymphatic vascular development
    4. Neuroendocrine cells in lung development and disease

    Adult airway stem cells
    5. Adult mouse and human airway epithelial basal stem cells
    6. Stem cells of submucosal glands: their function as tissue stem cells and a reserve population for airway repair
    7. Adult mouse intralobar airway stem cells
    8. Evidence for the involvement of lipofibroblasts, airway smooth muscle cells and FGF10 signalling in lung repair
    9. Respiratory bronchioles: a unique structure in the human lung

    Alveolar stem cells and their niche
    10. Alveolar epithelial stem cells in homeostasis and repair
    11. Mesenchymal cells, immune cells and the lung stem cell niche
    12. Endothelial cells in the lung

    Modelling the lung and stem cell function
    13. The Human Lung Cell Atlas: a transformational resource for cells of the respiratory system
    14. Lung organoids: powerful tools for studying lung stem cells and diseases
    15. Induced pluripotent stem cells for generating lung airway stem cells and modelling respiratory disease
    16. Induced pluripotent stem cells for generating lung alveolar epithelial cells and modelling respiratory disease
    17. Three-dimensional tissue-based models for translational lung stem cell research: precision-cut lung slices
    18. The use of pre-conditioning and novel assays in the development of protocols for transplantation of lung progenitors
    19. Lung tissue bioengineering for transplantation and modelling of development, disease and regeneration
    20. Ferret respiratory disease models for the study of lung stem cells

    Lung stem cells and disease
    21. Epithelial stem cells at the intersection of tissue regeneration and pulmonary fibrosis
    22. Lung stem cells and therapy for cystic fibrosis
    23. The role of altered stem cell function in airway and alveolar repair and remodelling in COPD
    24. Stem cells and lung cancer
    25. Progress and potential of mesenchymal stromal cell therapy in acute respiratory distress syndrome

    Summary and future directions
    26. The next 10 years in lung stem cell research

    ISBN: 978-1-84984-133-7

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