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Obstructive Sleep Apnoea

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea

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    Edited by Ferran Barbé and Jean-Louis Pépin
    Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) is a common and progressive chronic disease. It is responsible for a high number of comorbidities and is linked with increased mortality, including a rise in the rate of sudden cardiac death. It is widely acknowledged that OSA now affects millions of people worldwide. This Monograph considers this high-impact condition from four different perspectives: pathogenesis; at-risk populations; clinical scenarios; and treatment and management. Comprehensive and up-to-date chapters provide the reader with a concise overview of OSA, making this book a useful reference for pulmonologists concerned with the management of this disease. 

    "Packs up-to-date information in a relatively small and readable book. Both basic and applied scientists and physicians with special interest in sleep medicine will find value... A must-have for training programs not only in sleep medicine but also pulmonary and critical care training programs, for academic clinicians, and groups doing health services or basic research on OSA" Elias Alhanoun, Novera Inam and Kingman Strohl, Sleep and Breathing

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    Contents list
    1. Animal and physiological settings of IH exposure
    2. Physiological phenotypes
    3. Cancer: insights into biological plausibility
    4. Cardiovascular disease: pathophysiological mechanisms
    5. Pathophysiological interactions of OSA, HF and nocturnal fluid redistribution
    6. Women and pregnancy
    7. Elderly patients
    8. Bariatric surgery 
    9. Children
    10. OHS: definition, diagnosis, pathophysiology and management
    11. Specific diagnosis and clinical pathways in at-risk populations
    12. COPD and other pulmonary diseases
    13.Traffic accident risk 
    14. Resistant hypertension
    15. Cancer: an epidemiological perspective
    16. Metabolic syndrome
    17. Lifestyle intervention and pharmaceutical therapies of sleep apnoea
    18. Mandibular advancement devices
    19. New ventilator support in complex phenotypes: coexisting CSA and OSA
    20. Supporting patients receiving CPAP treatment: the role of training and telemedicine
    21. Integrated care 
    22. Overall treatment strategies 

    ISBN: 978-1-84984-059-0
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