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    Edited by Francesco Bonella, Daniel A. Culver and Dominique Israël-Biet
    Recent reports indicate that the prevalence of sarcoidosis is rising and mortality in chronic sarcoidosis patients is increasing. With myriad clinical manifestations, and multi-system involvement, there is a need for all clinicians to have a working knowledge of the condition. This Monograph provides a comprehensive overview of the most recent advances in sarcoidosis. Opening with chapters on history, epidemiology and pathobiology, it goes on to provide in-depth coverage of: specific organ manifestations and general diagnostic pathways; traditional as well as innovative treatment strategies; and, importantly, patient quality-of-life assessment. This book will be useful to clinicians around the world.

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    Contents list
    1. Definition and history 
    2. Epidemiology: solving the jigsaw puzzle
    3. Aetiopathogenesis, molecular determinants and immunological features
    4. Unravelling the genetic basis of sarcoidosis
    5. Principles of diagnosis
    6. Conventional and nuclear imaging techniques
    7. Pathological features and differential diagnosis
    8. Serum and imaging biomarkers
    9. Pulmonary sarcoidosis
    10. Cardiac sarcoidosis
    11. Granulomatous and nongranulomatous neurological sarcoidosis
    12. Cutaneous sarcoidosis
    13. The calcium–kidney–bone axis
    14. Non-organ-specific manifestations
    15. Hepatic and splenic involvement
    16. Sarcoidosis-associated pulmonary hypertension
    17. Rheumatological manifestations
    18. Ocular sarcoidosis
    19. Paediatric sarcoidosis
    20. The manifestations of rare organ sarcoidosis
    21. When to treat sarcoidosis
    22. Treating sarcoidosis and potential new drugs
    23. Quality-of-life assessment 

    ISBN: 978-1-84984-145-0

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