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The Nose and Sinuses in Respiratory Disorders & Difficult-to-Treat Severe Asthma

Product Code: 2018-BUND8M-26041PU
  • This bundle contains:
    1 x The Nose and Sinuses in Respiratory Disorders (ERS Monograph)
    1 x Difficult-to-Treat Severe Asthma (ERS Monograph)

    The Nose and Sinuses in Respiratory Disorders
    Edited by Claus Bachert, Arnaud Bourdin and Pascal Chanez

    Although the upper and lower airways have distinct functions and are managed by different specialists, they also share many characteristics. Problems of the nose and sinuses can impact on the lungs, and vice versa. This ERS Monograph presents an up-to-date overview of the subject area, starting with chapters covering basic anatomy, imaging and practical clinical examination. Other chapters focus on associations with cystic fibrosis, infections, asthma, COPD, non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis, primary ciliary dyskinesia and air pollution. The "united airways" are discussed in terms of the impact of optimal upper airways treatment on lower airways disorders and current guidelines to aid all physicians, especially ENT and chest specialists, in clinical practice.

    Difficult-to-Treat Severe Asthma
    Edited by K.F. Chung, E.H. Bel and S.E. Wenzel
    Difficult-to-treat severe asthma constitutes approximately 5–10% of the asthmatic population, and continues to present a considerable therapeutic challenge. Use of the pragmatic definitions over the past 10 years has led to an improved delineation of these patients. This Monograph gathers expertise in the paediatric and adult severe asthma fields, giving rise to a comprehensive edition that summarises what has been achieved in understanding the different phenotypes, their biomarkers and the reasons and mechanisms that underlie difficult-to-treat severe asthma as well as the refractoriness to its current treatments. This Monograph also provides a physician's guide to the management of severe asthma with optimal use of the currently available therapies, while pointing to the potential approaches we need to take in order to discover more effective treatments.
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