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  • You can now pre-order the updated version of Tuberculosis. All pre-ordered copies will be dispatched when the book is published in December 2018.

    Contents list (subject to change)
    1. A patient's perspective
    2. History of tuberculosis
    3. Epidemiology, risk factors for and social determinants of TB
    4. Evolution of the strategies to control and eliminate TB
    5. Ethiopathogenesis, immunology and microbiology of tuberculosis
    6. Clinical diagnosis of TB
    7. Laboratory diagnosis of TB
    8. Imaging for TB management
    9. Bronchoscopy and other invasive procedures for TB diagnosis
    10. Treatment of drug-susceptible and drug-resistant TB
    11. New and repurposed drugs
    12. Adverse events of anti-TB drugs and their management
    13. Role of surgery
    14. TB in children
    15. TB in different patient populations
    16. TB and comorbidities
    17. Social factors affecting diagnosis and adherence
    18. Monitoring during and after TB treatment
    19. Pulmonary rehabilitation
    20. Towards a new vaccine
    21. Infection control
    22. Diagnosis and treatment of LTBI
    23. NTM
    24. Future research perspectives
    25. Revising training curricula for tuberculosis
    26. Clinical cases

    ISBN: 978-1-84984-099-6
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