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    Edited by Giovanni Battista Migliori, Graham Bothamley, Raquel Duarte and Adrian Rendon
    With over 10 million new TB cases and 1.6 million deaths, TB is a global health priority. Multidrug-resistant TB is of particular concern to both clinicians and national TB programmes: in 2017, there were 558 000 new rifampicin-resistant cases and 460 000 confirmed multidrug-resistant TB cases. Despite extensive investigation over the years, there is still a great deal to learn about the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of TB.  This Monograph brings together chapters from global TB experts and begins with a patients' perspective chapter that sets the tone. The chapters that follow cover: the history of TB; epidemiology; strategies for control and elimination; clinical and laboratory diagnosis; imaging; treatment and drugs; TB in children and different patient populations; comorbidities; clinical cases; and much more.

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    Contents list
    1. The patients' perspective
    2. History of tuberculosis
    3. Epidemiology and socioeconomic determinants 
    4. Evolution of the strategies for control and elimination
    5. Aetiopathogenesis, immunology and microbiology 
    6. Clinical diagnosis 
    7. Laboratory diagnosis
    8. Imaging for diagnosis and management
    9. Bronchoscopy and other invasive procedures for diagnosis
    10. Treatment of drug-susceptible and drug-resistant tuberculosis
    11. New and repurposed drugs
    12. Adverse anti-tuberculosis drug events and their management
    13. Surgery as a treatment
    14. Challenges in childhood tuberculosis
    15. Pregnancy and the elderly
    16. Comorbidities
    17. Access and adherence to prevention and care for hard-to-reach groups
    18. Monitoring during and after treatment
    19. Sequelae assessment and rehabilitation
    20. Towards a new vaccine
    21. Transmission control: a refocused approach
    22. Diagnosis and treatment of latent tuberculosis infection
    23. Nontuberculous mycobacteria
    24. What next? Basic research, new treatments and a patient-centred approach
    25. Opportunities for training and learning

    The book also includes clinical cases

    ISBN: 978-1-84984-099-6

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