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Community-Acquired Pneumonia

Community-Acquired Pneumonia

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Edited by James D. Chalmers, Mathias W. Pletz and Stefano Aliberti
Community-acquired pneumonia remains the leading cause of hospitalisation for infectious disease in Europe, and a major cause of morbidity and mortality. This issue of the European Respiratory Monograph brings together leading experts in pulmonology, infectious diseases and critical care from around the world to present the most recent advances in the management of community-acquired pneumonia. It provides a comprehensive overview of the disease, including chapters on antibiotic therapy, microbiology, pathophysiology and prevention, along with hot topics such as viral pneumonias and pneumonia associated with inhaled corticosteroids.

"An excellent, balanced and comprehensive summary of an important and common illness" Critical Care
"Important chapters regarding atypical pneumonia discuss Mycoplasma, Chlamydia, Legionella, and viral pathogens. History and epidemiology are put forward with flair" Clinical Infectious Diseases
"Useful, up-to-date and well referenced – I fully recommend reading this monograph for everyone involved in the management of CAP" Epidemiology and Infection

Contents list
1. Epidemiology of CAP in Europe
2. The pneumonia triad
3. Microbiology of bacterial CAP using traditional and molecular techniques
4. The pathophysiology of pneumococcal pneumonia
5. Pneumonia due to MycoplasmaChlamydophila and Legionella
6. The role of viruses in CAP
7. Severity assessment tools in CAP
8. CAP phenotypes
9. Lower respiratory tract infections and adult CAP in primary care
10. CAP in children
11. Empirical antibiotic management of adult CAP
12. Antibiotic choice, route and duration: minimising the harm associated with antibiotics
13. Acute respiratory failure due to CAP
14. Early recognition and treatment of severe sepsis and septic shock in CAP
15. Early outcomes in CAP: clinical stability, clinical failure and nonresolving pneumonia
16. Non-antibiotic therapies for CAP
17. Inhaled corticosteroids as a cause of CAP
18. Macrolides as anti-inflammatory agents in CAP
19. Cardiovascular complications and comorbidities in CAP
20. Pneumococcal and influenza vaccination

ISBN: 978-1-84984-048-4
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