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Digital Respiratory Healthcare

Digital Respiratory Healthcare

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Edited by Hilary Pinnock, Vitalii Poberezhets and David Drummond 
Respiratory care is undergoing a period of major change as it cautiously begins to embrace digital transformation. Catalysed by the need for remote consultation in the pandemic, time-honoured approaches to delivering care are now being challenged by technology-based initiatives. This Monograph deftly guides the reader through the potential benefits and pitfalls of such change, breaking the discussion down into three areas: technological opportunities and regulatory challenges; social benefits, challenges and implications; exemplars of digital healthcare. Each chapter reviews contemporary literature and considers not "if" but "how" a digital respiratory future can provide optimal care. The result is an authoritative, balanced guide to developing digital respiratory health.

Contents list 

Technological and regulatory challenges and opportunities
1. The Medical Internet of Things: applications in respiratory medicine
2. Medical assistive robots
3. Digital health frameworks
4. Big data: challenges and opportunities within respiratory care
5. Artificial intelligence
6. European regulation of digital respiratory healthcare

Social challenges of digital respiratory healthcare
7. Leave no-one behind: the role of digital health literacy
8. Leave no community behind: the digital divide
9. Rapport and ethics in a digital world: impact on individuals
10. Digital respiratory medicine for children and young people
11. Policy context for digital transformation: benefits and challenges of implementing EU digital health regulation
12. Interconnectedness of digital health, climate change and respiratory care: navigating an environmentally sustainable path forward

Exemplars of digital respiratory healthcare
13. The use of digital health solutions for COVID-19: pandemic surveillance, remote monitoring and big data
14. The use of digital technologies in adherence to anti-tuberculosis treatment
15. Digital adherence interventions for asthma
16. Supported self-management in asthma
17. Telehealth in COPD
18. Digital approaches to smoking cessation
19. Remote consultations in sleep disorders
20.  Remote monitoring in children and adults with cystic fibrosis
21. Telerehabilitation in chronic respiratory disease
22. Artificial intelligence for interstitial lung disease assessment on chest CT

Print ISBN: 978-1-84984-172-6
eISBN: 978-1-84984-173-3
EPUB ISBN: 978-1-84984-174-0

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