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Respiratory Diseases of the Newborn Infant

Respiratory Diseases of the Newborn Infant

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Edited by Ian P. Sinha, Jayesh Mahendra Bhatt, Alex Cleator and Helen Wallace
So much of our lung health throughout life is determined by what happens before birth and when we are born. Managing respiratory problems in newborn infants requires experience and teamwork, an understanding of the background to the problems, and knowledge of the evidence behind the clinical options available. In this Monograph, science, evidence and expertise are brought together in a collection of comprehensive, state-of-the-art reviews that cover: the structure and function of the newborn respiratory system; neonatal lung disease in preterm infants; developmental, structural and functional diseases of the respiratory system; and more. This book will prove a valuable resource for neonatal clinicians, scientists researching the area and adult clinicians managing lung health.

Contents list 

The structure and function of the newborn respiratory system
1. In utero and post-natal development of the human lung and its defence mechanisms
2. Respiratory physiology

Neonatal lung disease in preterm infants
3. Respiratory support in the delivery suite and the NICU
4. Pathogenesis of BPD
5. Long-term sequelae of BPD
6. Management of BPD: strategies to prevent short- and long-term complications following discharge from the NICU
7. Pulmonary hypertension in preterm infants
8. When and how to close patent ductus arteriosus in a preterm infant
9. Primary ciliary dyskinesia 
10. Structured approach to monitoring and weaning off home oxygen therapy in neonatal respiratory disease

Developmental, structural and functional diseases of the respiratory system
11. Tracheal disorders 
12. Congenital parenchymal structural lung lesions: cysts, emphysema and sequestration
13. Congenital diaphragmatic hernia
14. Pulmonary lymphangiectasia
15. Interstitial lung diseases
16. Neuromuscular disease and respiratory failure
17. Congenital infections of the respiratory tract
18. Managing cystic fibrosis
19. Sleep physiology and disorders
20. Histopathology of newborn lung disease
21. Chest radiology
22. Meconium aspiration syndrome

Other considerations around the respiratory system in newborns
23. Socioeconomic determinants of early years respiratory health, and the impact on later life
24. Low- and middle-income countries
25. The ethics of resuscitation
26. Prophylaxis against respiratory syncytial virus in high-risk infants

Print ISBN: 978-1-84984-136-8
eISBN: 978-1-84984-137-5
EPUB ISBN: 978-1-84984-138-2

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