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Respiratory Physiology: New Knowledge, Better Diagnosis

Respiratory Physiology: New Knowledge, Better Diagnosis

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This book will be published in March 2025. It will be available to pre-order in January 2025.

Edited by Raffaele Dellacà and Andrea Aliverti

Contents list (subject to change)
1. A patient's perspective
2. Advances in airway physiology and pathophysiology
3. Advances in lung physiology and pathophysiology
4. Advances in gas exchange physiology and pathophysiology
5. Advances in respiratory muscles physiology and pathophysiology
6. Advances in sleep and control of breathing
7. Advances in exercise physiology and pathophysiology
8. Spirometry and body plethysmography
9. Monitoring blood gases
10. Oscillometry (theoretical bases)
11. Oscillometry: clinical significance and applications
12. Gas washout techniques
13. OEP and chest wall kinematics: chest wall and muscle assessment
14. Exhaled breath analysis
15. Cardiopulmonary exercise testing
16. Monitoring respiratory physiology during ventilatory support
17. X-ray and synchrotron radiation CT
18. MRI/fMRI
19. PET
20. Neonatal – development
21. Sex differences in respiratory function
22. Environmental exposure and the ageing lung
23. Physiology, technology and diagnosis of respiratory conditions

Print ISBN: 978-1-84984-187-0
eISBN: 978-1-84984-188-7
EPUB ISBN: 978-1-84984-189-4

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