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The Challenge of Tuberculosis in the 21st Century

The Challenge of Tuberculosis in the 21st Century

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Edited by Alberto L. García-Basteiro, Füsun Öner Eyüboglu and Molebogeng X. Rangaka

Recent years have witnessed key developments in the diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis. Alongside this, and running in direct opposition to this progress, was the COVID-19 pandemic, which had an unprecedented detrimental effect on tuberculosis control and the achievement of targets set by the End TB Strategy. This timely and important Monograph provides a crucial update on recent changes, developments and setbacks in the field, and calls for a re-commitment to the achievement of the End TB Strategy and Sustainable Development Goals. Written by authors from across the world, the Monograph covers: diagnosis; advances in treatment; prevention; and tuberculosis control challenges in different populations and contexts.

Contents list

1. International efforts to reverse and end the tuberculosis pandemic: past, present and future global strategies
2. Epidemiology: the current burden of tuberculosis and its determinants
3. Host–pathogen interactions in the context of tuberculosis infection and disease

Diagnosis of tuberculosis
4. Clinical presentation pulmonary and extrapulmonary tuberculosis
5. Microbiological tests and laboratory tests: the value of point-of-care testing
6. The evolution of imaging and portable imaging tools to aid tuberculosis diagnosis
7. The differential diagnosis of thoracic tuberculosis: a guide to under- and over-diagnosis

Advances in tuberculosis treatment. Are we moving forward in the quest for shorter, safer, effective regimens?
8. The basis of tuberculosis treatment: fundamental concepts before treating a patient
9. Treatment of drug-susceptible and drug-resistant tuberculosis

10. Diagnosis of tuberculosis infection
11. Preventive therapies for tuberculosis infection
12. How close are we to a new, effective tuberculosis vaccine? Recent advances in the field
13. Genomic approaches to tuberculosis management and control

Tuberculosis in different populations and specific situations
14. The challenge of post-tuberculosis lung disease
15. Tuberculosis in children and adolescents: a forgotten group in a forgotten disease
16. Protecting the most vulnerable: tuberculosis in immunocompromised individuals
17. Tuberculosis in prisons: a growing global health concern
18. How do migrations affect tuberculosis burden? Tuberculosis control among migrant populations
19. Preparedness for successful TB control: lessons from COVID-19 pandemic

Epilogue: A view of tuberculosis care from tuberculosis survivors

Print ISBN: 978-1-84984-169-6
eISBN: 978-1-84984-170-2
EPUB ISBN: 978-1-84984-171-9

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