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The Challenge of Tuberculosis in the 21st Century COMING SOON

The Challenge of Tuberculosis in the 21st Century COMING SOON

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This book will be published in September 2023. It will be available to pre-order in July 2023.

Edited by Alberto García-Basteiro, Fusun Oner Eyuboglu and Lele Rangaka

Contents list (subject to change)

1. Tuberculosis in the 21st century
2. International efforts to bring down the TB pandemic. Past, present and future global TB control strategies
3. The burden of tuberculosis in the 21st century and its current determinants
4. How does MTB interact with humans? A revised explanation of the natural history of TB disease

Diagnosis of TB
6. The basics. Clinical presentation of TB disease
7. Microbiological tests - aimed at detecting Mtb - and other laboratory tests which make us think of TB. The value of POC testing.
8. The evolution of imaging and portable imaging tools to aid TB diagnosis
9. The great imitator. Typical diseases behind the most frequent TB presentation and unusual presentation of TB behind other common diseases

Advances in TB treatment. Are we moving forward in the quest for shorter, safer, effective regimens?
10. The basis of TB treatment. Fundamental concepts before treating a TB patient
11. DS-TB and DR-TB. Current treatment options while we await the new universal regimen

12. Diagnosis of TB infection
13. Preventive therapies for TB infection (when, in whom, which therapies)
14. How close are we to a new, effective TB vaccine? Recent advances in the field

15. New genomic methods for TB control (surveillance of DR-TB)
16. The challenge of post TB lung health
17. TB in people living with HIV
18. TB in children: the forgotten group of the forgotten disease
19. Protecting the most vulnerable. TB in immunocompromised patients
20. Tuberculosis in prisons: a growing global health concern
21. How do migrations affect TB burden? TB control among migrant populations
22. Preparedness for successful TB control in the coming pandemics: lessons from COVID-19 pandemic
23. Epilogue

ISBN: 978-1-84984-169-6

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